Nail Cocktail was started in St. George UT in 2021 by Natisha, the owner and creator of Nail Cocktail. All of our products are handmade and each "cocktail" is personally shaken and poured by the mixologist herself to ensure quality and perfection in every single batch. She has been a nail tech for 18 years and is passionate about the beauty industry, but wanted to find a way to be more involved, creative and make an impact. Her goal is to offer her clients and customers a product they could connect with. Nail Cocktail is not just professional grade cuticle oil. Each scent has been carefully curated to provide an experience. They trigger the fondest memories you hold onto. You will find yourself reminiscing on sitting down and sipping your favorite drink with your mother, the craziest weekend ever when you made a couple questionable choices, or relaxing on a beach on vacation, all the while you are quenching your skin with professional grade skin products. We hope you are just as obsessed as we are.

Cheers! - Natisha