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Cuticle Oil Pens Gift Set of 5

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Why choose one when you can have five? These on-the-go cuticle oil pens are perfect for your purse, top drawer, or in your car. Now there really isn't an excuse for dry cuticles.

Each gift set includes your choice of 5 signature scents

Moscow Mule: Let's start with spicy ginger, zesty line, and refreshing mint. Finished in a copper bottle, you won't know if you should put this on your nails or drink it (not advised). 

Hangover: No one has looked forward to a hangover until now. With coconut and hints of grapefruit, this mixture is the perfect cure for your cuticles.

On the Rocks: From salt on the rim to salt on your cuticles, this exfoliating cuticle oil makes them look as fresh as they smell. Starting with a margarita scent and ending with lime & salt that will make your mouth water.

Summer Sangria: You can never go wrong with a glass filled with fresh fruit and refreshing Riesling. From the crisp aromas of watermelon and lemon to tangerine and blood orange you won't be able to put this bottle down. 

Simple Syrup (unscented): The perfect cuticle oil for men or women that want the benefits of moisturized cuticles without any scent. 

Lemon Drop: Our newest scent takes you back to the old fashion sugared lemon candies. The lemon adds that freshness and then you get the sweet candy smell at the end.

Cosmo: This is a sexy but subtle scent. Not only are there hints of fresh pineapple, coconut, lime, and grapefruit, but each bottle also contains beautiful Carnelian crystals that help boost confidence, empowerment and overall energy. It will instantly make you happy!